Europe's safest football stadium

The ambition of former mayor of The Hague, Mr. Deetman, was to turn the new home of ADO The Hague into the safest stadium in Europe. State-of-the-art technologies in the area of entrance checks and crowd management were applied in it.

The Themis Zoom System was developed in collaboration with the TNO organisation, for the purposes of monitoring large crowds and localising and identifying unwanted behaviour.

Due to the combination of focused sounds with high-resolution recorded images, unwanted behaviour can be dealt with efficiently and with a focus on the perpetrators.

This system's technology can be used for many aspects and can be custom-made, with the following characteristics:

- Assessing safety situations by zooming in on the target group simultaneously with images and sounds

- Localising and identifying persons involved in unwanted behaviour

- Both real-time and in the past, with full functionality

- Increasing social safety in risk areas


Offensive chants in football stadiums have been commonplace for years. However, unwanted chants are becoming increasingly common. According to the Dutch football league KNVB's regulations, they must be avoided or halted using direct measures. The ultimate sanction is to stop the game. The main drawback of stopping a game is that the flow of the game is interrupted directly. Moreover, stopping a game may result in undesirable reactions, like other chants or riots.

ADO The Hague has the ambition of being Europe's safest stadium, where people of all ages can enjoy a game of football without being afraid of falling victim to (non-)verbal violence.

The Themis Zoom system has been installed on a number of stands in the Kyocera Stadium. Through the use of this system, it has become possible for ADO The Hague to adequately localise the origin of offensive chants, the use of fireworks and fights between so-called supporters and to take action immediately.

Also, this system offers the opportunity to easily analyse situations in retrospect and to identify the perpetrator after the event. By connecting the Themis Zoom system to the other installed security systems in ADO The Hague's Kyocera stadium, including biometric facial recognition that is linked to the entrance tickets, ADO The Hague is capable of retrieving the name, address and city of the perpetrator. This way, the perpetrator can be given a suitable punishment.

Following the installation of the Themis Zoom system, the feeling of safety in the Kyocera stadium has increased significantly and the number of unwanted chants has been strongly reduced.

Another important reason for dealing with unwanted and offensive chants is the increase the feeling of 'social safety' in football. The costs of providing security for one weekend of professional football in the Netherlands amounts to about 4 million Euros. It is obvious that many parties are aiming to reduce this amount drastically.