The Concertgebouw, the Dutch Royal Concert hall

The Royal Concertgebouw concert hall is one of the most visited concert venues in the world. Every season, over 700,000 visitors visit the building to attend its more than 900 activities.

In the Concertgebouw, Themis Control & Management is the central control of all monitors in and around the building, as well as the LED screen on the porch above the entrance.


The installation consists of the following parts, namely:

3 monitors at the ticket desks (stretched, landscape)

3 hospitality screens near the entrance (landscape)

1 monitor in the Café (portrait)

1 monitor in both foyers (85" and 65" in landscape)

1 LED screen on the façade (outside) of 1.0 x 1.5 meters

1 Mangenta Matrix (HD over CAT)

Multiple cameras

9 Narrow-Casting players


Multifunctional monitor usage

Through the matrix (Magenta), 9 narrow-casting channels are on offer on the screens, as well as cameras with live images from the halls, television channels and return connections from the foyers. The monitors in the foyers can also be used for presentations or lectures. Laptops or iPads that are connected locally can be shown on any screen using the return function mentioned above.

Every image source on any monitor

The entire system is controlled with Themis Control & Management, enabling the technicians to display every source on any screen. It can be controlled manually, as listed on the agenda. As a result, all switches (including on and off) can be pre-set weeks or even months in advance, which results in it that the system will execute everything automatically. Also, all sources can be previewed via the user interface, which is displayed in the same screen that is used to control the system.

Automatic check of the functionality of the connected equipment 

Apart from the control via a PC or an iPad, technicians receive malfunction reports automatically - imagine a screen that is not connected to electricity or any network connection that malfunctioned. Themis Control & Management continuously safeguards all equipment and connections and notifies you if malfunctions occur.