Kyocera Stadium

The Kyocera Stadium is much more than just the home base of ADO The Hague football club. With its capacity of over 15,000 visitors and multiple halls, it is also an excellent location for congresses and events. AVEQ show, theatre and congress facilities provided all lighting, images and sound facilities.

Applied solution: Themis Control & Management


Main building

During the home games, the halls in the main building are used as the reception halls of various business clubs. On all other days, they function as flexible rooms for congresses and events. AVEQ has installed 54 monitors, 6 beamers, 6 sound installations, 1 stadium sound installation and 1 evacuation and PA installation in all halls, public rooms and in the stadium.

Central and local operation

The sound and images installations in the halls can be operated independently through local control panels and inputs. At the same time, all installations can be controlled centrally as well. They are connected to Themis Control through the existing LAN network for this purpose. This system makes it possible to provide every monitor and every sound installation with its own content. For this content, a choice is available between a television signal, various narrow-casting channels, input from the television van, input from PCs or route indications. Themis Control is based on an intuitive and easy-to-use central control panel.

Displaying custom-made content

Some halls have multiple monitors. Using Themis Control, different content can be displayed on all screens. For example, it is possible to show commercial messages on one screen, and route indications on another.

Usage during press conferences

Themis Control is also ideal for use in press conferences. During press conferences, it is possible to view those conferences throughout the building and to listen to them via all sound systems. With Themis Control, you can switch this function on with the press of a single button. All local input is then automatically overruled.