Innovation regarding Content & Signage

The guests enter the location to find the equipment already switched on automatically, and the people are welcomed by the big screen in the entrance hall. Using this monitor, you can show how the programme is put together and at which locations and at which time the people are expected. Apart from colours and fonts, its formatting is also fitted with the company logo to increase recognisability and because this is considered to be hospitable.

In the wall next to the doors of the various halls, a small monitor is installed to indicate what is going on there on that day - again: in the corporate style and with the client's logo.

When you enter the hall, the presentation monitor again shows which hall you are in. An addition can be made to this in the form of a short explanation about how to switch to a laptop or a PC for the presentation.

After being used, the installation will switch itself off, saving energy and the usage hours of the equipment, as well as staff that would otherwise be necessary to check and switch off the equipment.


Innovation regarding Control & Management, controlling and monitoring all AV equipment

Apart from the signage, which is described above, we are capable or connecting halls through simple 'pre-sets', both for images and for sounds, but one central decision can also be made about which content will be visible on any screen. Including the presentation screens in the halls. All of this can then be scheduled in an agenda, which results in the automatic execution of all of these actions. However, it will always remain possible to operate the various rooms manually and to use them separately.

This way, you save energy, simplify its use and reduce the required work, while only increasing the possibilities.

Another thing that plays an important part, aside from the advantages mentioned above, is that this set-up will turn out to be considerably more favourable compared to the same means being implemented with the technology that is currently available.